Fast Fact of Nigeria

Ibom Deep Sea Port

Fast Fact of Nigeria


  • Capital: Abuja

  • Total Land Area: 923,768 sqkm(Land 910,768 sqkm/Water 13,000 sqkm)

  • Total Coastline: 853km

  • Population: 178m (World Bank est 2014)

  • GDP: N80.2trillion (2014)

  • Growth Rate: high stable between 6.7% –7.2% per annum from 2013 –2018 (IMF)

  • Currency: Naira

  • Cargo throughput: 86,603,903metric tonnes(2014)

  • Official Language: English

  • Geo-political Zones: South South, South East, North Central, North East, North West, South West.

  • Stable democratic government.


Ibom Deep Sea Port

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Volume of trade through ports over 100 million tons since 2012

Container traffic volume
1.4 million TEUs in 2011; 1.6million TEUs in 2012;
Container traffic continues to grow from the current 65% to over 80% by 2030

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Ibom Deep Sea Port

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